Teaching History at the University

History 375

Fall 2018
3205 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
Tue 12–2pm
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This class will introduce graduate student teachers to the theory and practice of teaching, with particular attention to the opportunities and challenges of teaching history. The course has two goals. First, it will train graduate students to become skillful Graduate Student Instructors at UC Berkeley, focusing on topics such as how to run discussion section effectively and how to conduct formative and summative assessment of their students. Second, it will provide graduate students with an introduction to the process of designing and running a course independently, including designing a syllabus and assessing and improving their own teaching practice. Students will also focus on their own professional development as teachers, as they begin to formulate a teaching statement and construct a preliminary teaching portfolio. Through assigned readings, assignments, and in-class conversations with the instructor and their peers, graduate students will become familiar the basic pedagogical methods and practices that will enable them to transition to careers in teaching at different levels and institutions.