The Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia

History 100.001

Fall 2005
20 Barrows
Day & Time: 
MWF 10-11

This course will consider the emergence and decline of the Yugoslav state (1918 - 1991) from two different but closely related standpoints à that of history and politics, and that of language, literature and culture. Throughout Eastern Europe, but especially in the former Yugoslavia, these two aspects have been so interconnected that it is not possible to understand one without some comprehension of the other. Literature and other artistic expression take as their primary topics historical or current politically charged events, major political actions are often precipitated by or at least closely connected with literary events or figures, and conceptions of national identity are so closely entwined with the idea of language as to be inseparable.

Students are required to attend lectures, see two (of three) films, write two short (3-5 pp.) papers, and take a map quiz and final examination.


This course is also listed as Slavic 158.