Recent U.S. Social Movements: The Third World

History 139C

Summer 2005
First 6 Week Session
105 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
Tu W Th 10-1230
  • This course satisfies the American Cultures Requirement.
  • This course, which satisfies the American Cultures requirement, will explore the liberation movements mounted by various peoples of color between 1945 and 1975 as both social movements and cultural movements. In other words, we will look at the formal aims, strategies, organizations, mass activity, and leadership--the social movement--as well as the beliefs, attitudes, values, expressive creations and artistic elements intrinsic to the liberation strugge--the cultural movement, or ";movement culture."; Our broad goals will be, on one hand, to access the interconnections between social and cultural struggle, and on the other hand, to assess the interconnections among those social and cultural aspects of liberation struggle with the political and economic contexts in which the struggle takes place. More specifically, we will compare and contrast the movement cultures which simultaneously grow out of and influence the post-World War social movements of African Americans, Chicanos, Native Americans, and Asian Americans. We want to understand the similarities, differences, and ties among these movement cultures. We also want to examine the crucial impact of these movement cultures on white hegemony in this period.

    Course requirements will likely consist of a midterm essay (20%); a comprehensive final (30%); a research essay comparing/contrasting some aspect[s] of the movement cultures of at least two of the groups covered (25%); and participation in weekly discussions (25%).