History 101.006

Fall 2005
Instructor (text): 
205 Wheeler
Day & Time: 
TuTh 2-3:30

This senior thesis research seminar will center upon the historical terrain of the nineteenth-century trans-Mississippi West. As such, interested students might pursue a wide array of potential research topics: from relations with Nativer Americans, to Gold Rush communities, from gender relations in Gilded Age San Franicsco to an examination of the environmental impacts of the Overland Trail. No special expertise in the subject is require and all avenues of historical inquiry are welcome, as are topics which might slightly overlap into the 18th or 20th centuries. Our main methodological concern will be ";what makes the American West 'west?'"; In other words, students will be expected to study the West with an eye to larger national trends. As a practical matter, our immediate concern is to work together and produce a series of outstanding 30-50 page senior theses based upon original primary source manner.