Jerusalem and Crusading in the Medieval West

History 103B(R.002

Fall 2005
Instructor (text): 
210 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
Th 10-12

The words "Jerusalem" and "crusade" conjure up many images, not least of which may be Ridley Scott's recent box-office flop, "Kingdom of Heaven." But because crusading in the medieval West lasted for well over 200 years, directed against Muslims, heretics, and even other Christians, the movement cannot be boiled down to just 2 hours. Saladin, the Templars, and Richard the Lion-Heart are indeed a part of this history, but still only a part. The bigger picture is much more complex.
This course will focus exclusively on crusading in the medieval West, examining the motivations of the crusaders, the impact of the crusades on Europe, and crusading's shift inwards in the later Middle Ages. Along the way, we will touch on themes as diverse as the political and religious uses of written history, apocalyptic expectation, and the place of non-Christians in the medieval West.
The course will help prepare participants for future research in the field. Requirements will include participation in discussions, a brief oral presentation, a pre-prospectus exercise (to prepare for a future 101), and a final paper.