History 101.006

Fall 2006
Instructor (text): 
123 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
MWF 1-2

During the past two centuries the United States and the region called the Middle East have interacted in various ways. This seminar will focus on the historical relationship between the United States and the Middle East. Using primary sources, students will examine a particular aspect of that relationship (political, economic, military and/or cultural) during a defined time-period in a 35 to 50-page paper. Possible paper topics include: an examination of the relationship between the U.S. and a country or countries in the Middle East, ranging from North Africa to Central Asia; or an analysis of America's interactions and policies toward political and religious movements in the region; an assessment of the U.S.'s role in a particular conflict; or a study of the role and influence of institutions, corporations, the media, literature, and/or movies on the relationship between America and the Middle East.

This course is for senior History majors who have completed coursework in both U.S. and Middle East history. Because it is not an introductory class, students are required to have completed History 12, as well as advance coursework in U.S. history. Knowledge of a foreign language (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, French or German) is preferred but not required.

Osamah Khalil is a History doctoral candidate focusing on U.S. and Middle East history, with an emphasis on U.S. foreign policy. He has served as a Graduate Student Instructor for History 7B and History 12.