History 101.01

Spring 2006
Instructor (text): 
206 Wheeler
Day & Time: 
TuTh 8-9:30

This course will examine the history of the San Francisco-Oakland metropolitan area between 1850 and 1980. The San Francisco-Oakland region has long been celebrated (and denounced) for its cosmopolitan culture and its liberal politics. Indeed, conventional wisdom has often assumed that the region accepted cultural diversity and that this cultural inclusiveness led directly to greater political inclusiveness. This course will explore both of these assumptions. Although our focus will be local, we will also discuss the extent to which the San Francisco-Oakland metropolitan area can be used as a model for the study of other metropolitan centers. Students for this course may conduct their theses on any facet of the region's social, political, and/or cultural history between 1850 and 1980.

The course will introduce students to the historical archives on campus and the greater Bay Area. The class will follow a workshop-style format in which students help each other frame their paper topics and refine their research strategies. During the second half of the semester, students will present rough drafts to the class and will read and comment on the papers of their fellow students. Attendance is mandatory and any unexcused absences will result in lowering of the final grade. The final paper should be approximately 30-40 pages, footnotes and bibliography included.