History 101.016

Spring 2006
Instructor (text): 
121 Latimer
Day & Time: 
MW 4-5:30

This course will examine the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire in the 1st-5th century CE with particular attention to the broad themes of Roman identity and imperialism in a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic empire. By looking at primary sources in translation from various regions of the Roman Empire, including St. Paul, Pliny the Younger, Eusebius of Caesarea, Libanius, Julian, Ammianus Marcellinus, and Augustine. We will explore how these figures addressed issues such as the persecution of Christians, conflicts with neighboring powers, and the rise of a Christian monarchy. Furthermore, a selection of secondary works will provide us with a picture of the challenges faced by the historian studying this era. A reader will be available for purchase. All required books will be available for purchase and on reserve at Moffitt Library.

The first week of the course will orient the students with the kinds of sources available in English translation at the UC Berkeley library. Students will submit a proposal for the thesis that will be presented to the class during the fourth week of the semester. While thesis topics beyond the scope of the course will be accepted upon instructor approval, all students will be required to attend, participate, and complete course assignments regularly.