History 101.017

Spring 2006
Instructor (text): 
205 Wheeler
Day & Time: 
MW 4-5:30

This seminar will focus on those broad swathes of our planet ? Latin America, Africa, the Mideast, Eastern Europe, most of Asia and much of Oceania ? that have come to be grouped as ?underdeveloped,? ?less developed,? or, more hopefully, ?developing? or ?transitional.? While these regions are tremendously diverse, their history raises theoretical and historiographical questions that will provide unifying themes. Students will devise, execute, and critique research projects of their own choosing; case studies will be welcome, comparative studies positively encouraged. The overarching question will be why the characteristics we blithely associate with ?modernity? (affluence, democracy, social mobility, personal liberties) have escaped so many parts of the globe. Within this big tent, research projects may focus on specific regions, commodities, firms, imperial ventures, political lives, etc. Relevant sources available through the UCB libraries include British Parliamentary Papers, League of Nations statistics, autobiographies, newspaper reports, political manifestos, ethnographic studies, travelers? accounts, and much else besides. Students who can read a second language will be especially well served.