History 101.018

Spring 2006
Instructor (text): 
202 Wheeler
Day & Time: 
WF 4-5:30

What is women?s history? How do historians write women?s lives? This research seminar focuses on the social, cultural, and political history of women in the US since 1945. We will explore key themes in postwar women?s history and major historiographical debates as well as historical research and writing methods and strategies. By the end of the semester, students will have planned, researched, and written a 30-50 page thesis based on primary sources. Possible research areas might include feminism and feminist movements; women as consumers/producers of mass media and popular culture; gender and racial identities in different historical/cultural contexts; women in politics, the professions, and the arts; biographical studies; the politics of motherhood and sexuality; body image and self-fashioning. Students are expected to attend weekly class sessions in addition to individual meetings with the instructor, participate in formal critiques of fellow students? work, and turn in a bibliography, prospectus, rough draft, and final draft.