History 101.019

Spring 2006
Instructor (text): 
233 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
MWF 12-1

This research seminar will give students the opportunity to explore themes and problems in the connection of Latin America with the Atlantic world from the beginning of that contact in 1492 to the nineteenth century. The integration of this region of the world into Atlantic networks, its role in shaping them and the impact of these interactions on the continent will be explored in the first weeks through readings that we will discuss as a group. The themes we will explore together will include trade, politics, society, environment and culture.

Although it is useful to have a reading knowledge of Spanish, students without this skill will still be able to work on a broad range topics for which there are sources at Bancroft and Doe Libraries that are either translated or produced originally in English. Such topics based on English language sources could include but not be limited to piracy and illegal trade, British relationships with independent Argentina, foreign investment in Mexico, as well as many areas in social history. Other potential topics using Spanish sources could range from migrations to slavery, from environmental change to the diffusion of knowledge.

Students should begin by familiarizing themselves with the History 101 Manual before class begins. In the class we will receive tutorials from Library staff and work together on problems in the interpretation of primary sources, the process of developing a thesis and writing.