Slavery and Abolition in the Americas

History 103D.005

Spring 2006
Instructor (text): 
332 Giannini
Day & Time: 
W 2-4
This course is also listed as 103E.002

We will examine the history of African slavery comparatively, with reference to Spanish, Portuguese and English America. Attention will be paid to African backgrounds, the Atlantic slave trade, resistance and rebellion, free populations of color within slave societies, and gradual emancipation and abolition. Important attention will be paid to how the African Diaspora produced a creolization of culture in collaboration with European and Native American populations. We will look at how successive generations of historians have researched and argued about slavery--and the evidence they have used--from a pan American framework. We will explore the extent to which the patterns they have identified within a hemispheric historical experience of slave societies have turned on factors of culture (religion, ideology, law), demography, economics, or political organization. The diverse causes for abolition will occupy concluding attention.