History 101.002

Fall 2007
Instructor (text): 
202 Wheeler
Day & Time: 
MW 4-5:30
Corey Brooks is a Ph.D. Candidate in U.S. History. He studies the political influence of American abolitionists and the role of Congress in antislavery strategy.

Slavery and race profoundly influenced American politics through Reconstruction, and well beyond. Slaveholders constituted one of the most powerful and cohesive economic interest groups in American history, and race-based slavery shaped basic cultural assumptions of nearly all Americans. The far-reaching effects of slavery and race have pervaded American political life in ways that historians are still discovering. Students in this seminar will explore how slavery and race affected political thought, behaviors, and institutions in this period. Students will be encouraged to think about such issues as racism in northern political culture, pro-slavery ideology, the role of slavery in structuring national policy debates on seemingly unrelated issues, evolving racial boundaries for political participation, and the impact of antislavery activism. Students will produce a research paper based on their own primary research, but will be expected to participate in collaborative peer review throughout the writing and revision process. Students who would like to write on other topics relating to the themes, or falling within the chronological period, of this seminar should speak to the instructor.