History 101.004

Fall 2007
Instructor (text): 
2519 Tolman
Day & Time: 
TuTh 9:30-11
Kathryn Jasper is a doctoral student focusing on Roman and medieval Italian history. Jasper holds a BA in archaeology with a minor in classics and an MA in medieval European history from the University of Arizona. Her research interests include Roman art and archaeology, Latin philology, medieval monasticism, and gender studies.

This seminar will explore the numerous genres and styles in Roman writing from the first century BC to the second century AD. During the first four weeks of class we will read a range of documents, from accounts of important battles to Augustan poetry. Based on these sources, possible subjects for discussion include military customs, imperial patronage, the Roman family, and cultural identities. Secondary readings will accompany the primary materials to acquaint students with the various theories and methods used in historical writing. Although the class addresses the socio-cultural history of Rome, discussions will also draw comparisons to the ancient Greek world.

The principal objective of the course is to prepare students for writing a substantial research paper (30-50 pages). Accordingly, discussions will concentrate on interpreting primary sources, formulating an argument based on original research, and critically analyzing modern scholarship. Early in the semester, students will submit a paper proposal along with a preliminary bibliography. The remainder of the semester will be spent developing final papers. While the focus of the seminar is ancient Rome, students working on all topics in ancient history are welcome.