All Power to the People: From Civil Rights to Black Power and Beyond

History 103D.005

Fall 2007
Instructor (text): 
201 Wheeler
Day & Time: 
Wed 2-4

We will explore the origins, development, and consequences of both the Civil Rights (1941-1965) and Black Power (1965--1980) movements. Our goals will be threefold: (1) understanding each movement on its own terms; (2) comparing and contrasting the movements; and (3) historicizing the connections between them. Students will write a series of no more than 3 short position papers as well as a final essay. Possible texts: Manning Marable, Race, Reform, and Rebellion; Peniel Joseph, Waiting 'Til the Midnight Hour: A Narrative History of Black Power; Barbara Ransby, Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement; Laurie Green, Battling the Plantation Mentality: Memphis and the Black Fredom Struggle.