Encountering Asian Americans in American History

History 103D.008

Fall 2007
Instructor (text): 
202 Wheeler
Day & Time: 
Thurs 12-2

Asian American history is a history of encounters among people, communities, and nations as well as different academic disciplines. This seminar explores how the history of the Asian descent in the Americas has informed and contributed to intellectual trends, including transnational labor, immigration, nation-state formation, identity, and gender. The first half of the course examines Asian American history as part of the larger U.S. histories of immigration, ethnicity, community, and gender. The second half looks at the recent, cutting-edge research and scholarship that considers Asian American history from a transnational framework. The course ends by broadening Asian Americans to include Asians in Latin America. Throughout the course, we will discuss and examine the types of primary sources used by researchers, and in particular the use of oral histories. Course requirements include about 200 pages of reading per week, informed participation, weekly non-graded response papers to the readings, and a final research project.