History 101.014

Spring 2007
Instructor (text): 
225 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
TuTh 9:30-11

This research seminar offers you the opportunity to build a thoughtful argument around a body of primary sources which you can critically engage, situate and explore in the course of a semester. Throughout the semester, I will ask you to think critically about both theory and method, to carefully consider the angle from which you ask your questions, the sources you choose, and the analytical tools with which you engage your material.

We will examine what we mean by ";culture"; and ";politics";, and the ways in which the two intertwine. I will also encourage you to be creative in how you think about primary sources. We will emphasize the importance of sources that are often marginal to historical inquiry but crucial to the social and political worlds and lives you study. Some examples of sources include, but are not limited to film, photography, public art, popular literature, and material culture. Indeed, there are a number of fascinating papers to be written from the sources you may find in the Bancroft and Doe libraries. Thus, students who have begun research on another topic or period in Latin American history are welcome. However, the scope of this project is challenging, and no student should expect to start from scratch in January. Rather, students interested in a Spring 101 should begin to think about and look into possible research projects early in the Fall, and contact the instructor before the end of the semester at ctrumper@berkeley.edu. Students should also become familiar with the 101 Manual before class begins. Reading knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese is helpful, but not critically necessary.