Foreigners and Foreigness in Latin America

History 103E.002

Spring 2008
Instructor (text): 
2303 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
Wed 10-12

What makes someone a foreigner? Can a person be a foreigner in his or her own country? This course will ask these questions in the Latin American context, considering both who foreigners are and how they experience Latin America. We will be reading primary sources, such as travel narratives, novels, and autobiographies, in conjunction with secondary sources, such as studies of immigration, ethnographies, and theoretical treatments of ";foreigness,"; in order to build an understanding of how foreigners constitute and are constituted in Latin America. Our texts will range from the early colonial period to the twentieth century and refer to a variety of countries and regions. All the readings will be in English. Students will be asked to write three papers: two shorter papers during the semester and one longer paper at the end of the semester.