Latin American History on Film

History 100.001

Summer 2009
First 6 Week Session
106 Moffitt
Day & Time: 
TuTh 1-5

This six-week summer course will offer students an intense introduction to modern Latin America history, to the history of Latin American films, and to the uses and limits of films as historical documents in general. We will watch, analyze and discuss ten films, as well as seeing excerpts from several more. Working from the background provided by the films and a survey history of modern Latin America, we will look closely at issues of production, representation and reception of films, and at the connections between film and politics. Our readings will include primary documents, manifestos, poems, essays and short articles. Student grades will be based on three short reaction papers, class participation, and a final exam. Films include: How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman (Brazil, 1971); Compadre Mendoza (Mexico, 1933); Bananas Is My Business (Canada/Brazil, 1994); The Battle of Chile (Canada/ Cuba, 1976); Memories of Underdevelopment (Cuba, 1968); Land In Anguish (Brazil, 1967); Nine Queens (Argentina, 2000); Crane World (Argentina, 1999); Central Station (Brazil, 1999); City of God (Brazil, 2003)