Engineering the Twentieth Century

History 103S.002

Fall 2009
Instructor (text): 
202 Wheeler
Day & Time: 
Tues 2-4
Andrew Mamo is a doctoral candidate in history of science. His dissertation examines computer design and post-industrial theories in the United States.

The twentieth century was a time of profound change in the relationship of man to the built environment, and in the ideas about what aspects of the world should be under human control and what aspects remained beyond it. In this course we will study engineers and engineering projects during the twentieth century from a variety of approaches. We will consider the changing scope of engineering, and the relationship between engineering projects and local culture and politics. Specific topics will include civil engineering projects and the relationship of the built and the natural environment, engineering education, military technologies, communications and transportation networks, engineering in the developing world, and financial engineering. We will study both primary and secondary sources in the history of technology, including novels and films. Students who will continue on to write a 101 paper can use this course to develop a research prospectus.