History 101.005

Spring 2009
Instructor (text): 
104 GPB
Day & Time: 
WF 10-12
Note NEW Instructor! -- Stephanie Ballenger is a doctoral candidate in Latin American history. Her dissertation examines the emergence of modern medical practices and changing constructions of insanity in nineteenth-century Mexico through the prism of Mexico City's insane asylums. She has served as a GSI for History 8A, 8B and 103, PEIS 100 and IAS 102H and 195H, the year-long honors thesis seminar offered by the Department of International and Area Studies.

Thesis seminar for research on Latin American history. Projects on anything ranging from colonial Mexico to modern Brazil are welcome, but we will be particularly interested in social, political and cultural history. Since identifying an interesting question and locating appropriate sources early on is crucial to success with the thesis, all students wishing to take this seminar must contact Ms. Ballenger (jvandsb@comcast.net) before December 1 to discuss possible topics.