History 101.14

Spring 2010
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TuTh 4-6

The great upheavals of the twentieth century, from wars to revolutions; from youth rebellion to globalization, spilled across national borders. Accordingly, historians today are emphasizing international and transnational approaches to twentieth century history. This 101 thesis seminar, ";International History in the Twentieth Century"; is intended for students proposing to write 101 thesis on international, transnational, and comparative themes in twentieth century history. While some will chose to write on diplomacy and statecraft â€_Ä" long-standing priorities in international history â€_Ä" others may focus on economic, cultural, demographic, and other types of transnational interaction. While thesis writers may decide to focus on the United States and its relations with the larger world, which is the focus of the instructor's own research interests, students are not required to work on topics emanating from North America. Because of this seminar's capacious thematic scope, we will not be undertaking topical readings as a class. Instead, we will discuss methodological issues involved in writing independent research papers and using primary sources. Seminar members who expect to write theses on the history of U.S. foreign relations are encouraged to enroll concurrently in the instructor's 130B upper division lecture course on ";the U.S. and International Relations."; All students will be expected to present their individual research findings and to provide peer feedback on other students' work.