Native Americans and Europeans: The Century After Contact

History 103E.002

Fall 2011
Instructor (text): 
2303 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
F 10-12

This course compares the aftermath of conquest in different regions of the Americas. We will begin with the Great Lakes region under the French and the British and then focus on central Mexico, the region occupied by Nahua peoples and politically dominated at the time of the Spanish conquest by the so-called Aztecs. Emphasis will be on the socio-cultural and political changes brought about by the conquest (e.g., changes in religious beliefs and practices, the manner of self-governance, family life and gender relationships). Then, using the central Mexican case as a touchstone, we will explore the modes of interaction between indigenous peoples and Europeans elsewhere in the hemisphere: the Andes, the Yucatan peninsula, northern new Spain (New Mexico), and finally British America.