History 101.002

Spring 2011
Instructor (text): 
3104 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
TTh 11-12:30P
<p>Larissa Kelly is a Ph.D. candidate in Latin American History. Her dissertation focuses on archaeology and the expansion of federal power in nineteenth-century Mexico.</p>

This seminar is focused on researching and writing a 30- to 50-page thesis on an important question in the history of Latin America since 1800. The seminar is open in terms of topics and country of focus: past students have written on everything from the political uses of comics in Mexico and the social aftermath of earthquakes in Guatemala to the political economy of hydropower in Argentina. Starting from your broad interests, you will track down primary sources to work with, examine them in light of prior scholarship, probe them with significant questions of your own, and over a series of drafts, produce a solid and compelling piece of scholarly research. This will be hard work, but also rich and rewarding, if you start strong and work steadily.