Archaic and Classical Greek History

History 105A

Fall 2012
Day & Time: 
MWF 12-1P
  • This course satisfies the Pre-Modern Requirement for the History Major.
  • This course will provide a survey of the Greek world from the collapse of the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations to the death of Socrates in 399 BC.  We will study the geography and economy of the Mediterranean region; the rise of communities, especially the polis, or city-state; early Greek culture, including art, architecture, poetry, and athletics; religion; warfare; the development of distinct political forms (tyranny, democracy, oligarchy); early philosophy; issues of ethnicity; and major events such as the Persian Wars, the rise of the Athenian empire, the Peloponnesian War, and the collapse and restoration of the Athenian democracy.  We will read primary sources in translation, such as Homer, Hesiod, Solon, Herodotus, Thucydides, and Plutarch, as well as inscribed (epigraphic) evidence.   In addition to short weekly response papers, students will be required to do two short papers, a midterm, and a final exam.