The History of Christianity to Charlemagne

History 185A

Spring 2012
20 Barrows
Day & Time: 
TuTh 2-3:30

The course deals with the origins of Christianity and the first eleven centuries of its expansion into a major institutional, social, and intellectual force shaping Western Europe. The central themes are the mechanisms and conditions shaping this expansion rather than a chronological account to present this process as a model of "institutionalization" (or not!) of religious movements. The emphasis will be on patterns of crisis and reform, i.e., on conflicts arising within the church itself and as a result of its dealings with the "outside" world, and how these crises were resolved. The course is based on the study of primary sources and will include problems of historical method. Requirements, beyond a basic familiarity with Roman and early Medieval history, are one midterm, one final, and a book review. The syllabus refers to books ordered, but also mentions recommended readings in brackets (on reserve only); please note also resources on bspace. You may use any BIBLE, and please bring yours with you for the first weeks.