International Organizations in the Twentieth Century

History 101.011

Spring 2012
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MW 10-12P
  • This course has been cancelled.
  • Ti Ngo is a PhD candidate in Japanese history. His dissertation focuses on Japanese economic policies and local governance in its League of Nation's mandate in the South Pacific.

    The twentieth century has been an age in which international organizations, from those comprised of nation-states to communities of interests, have reshaped international diplomacy, state society relations, and global civil society. Organizations such as the League of Nations and United Nations have affected diplomacy and perceptions of legitimate action by states. The rise of international law has led to the creation of internationally recognized legal institutions such as the International Criminal Court. Social movements have taken rominence in the international arena as well? humanitarian relief, international labor, environmentalism, women?s rights, and human rights are all represented in international organizations. This research seminar will allow participants to conduct research on an international organization or a particular movement. From a few case studies of the type of work being done in this field, we will quickly delve into the nuts and bolts of crafting a research paper. This will include how to formulate and refine a research question, securing and making sense of evidence, as well as strategies for organizing a sustained argument. The majority of the course will be devoted to individual research, reporting progress, and workshopping drafts with colleagues. Students should come into the course with an idea of what they would like to write on.