Research Topics in Modern Latin American and Caribbean History

History 101.013

Spring 2012
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TuTh 2-330P
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  • Stephanie Ballenger received her Ph.D. in Latin American History from UC Berkeley. Her research interests encompass the intersection of medicine and religion in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, cross-cultural and transnational approaches to health and the politics of health, history and cultures of medicine and the body, and the relationship between the modernization of medical knowledge and the formation of modern national and cultural identities.

    This course is a research seminar in which each student will write a original thesis on some aspect of modern Latin American or Caribbean history. (For our purposes, modern will be treated expansively, as encompassing the long nineteenth century [1759-1930] and most of the twentieth.) Because the topics are open and there is a broad range of possibilities, the first part of the course will be dedicated to finding and analyzing a primary source or body of primary source materials out of which a research question will emerge. If you are used to thinking about big questions, this may present a challenge, since this seminar requires you to formulate a research question based on your deep engagement with the source itself. This is one of the ways that professional historians work; it is also one of the ways that original work is done and important contributions to the field are made.