The Japanese Empire

History 100.005

Fall 2013
Day & Time: 
MWF 2-3P

The Empire of Japan was one of the largest maritime empires in modern history. By the 1940s, it ruled over some 200 million subjects and encompassed an area of nearly three million square miles, stretching from the island of Sakhalin off the Russian coast to the Indonesian archipelago. This class traces the rise, fall, and aftermath of the Japanese Empire from the late nineteenth century through the post-World War II period. We will explore how the Japanese Empire integrated and transformed the regions under its rule, how it was connected to the rest of the globe, and, more generally, how Imperialism works as a modern form of cultural and political rule.

Course Books

On the Eve of teh Uprising by Sunyoung Park Cornell East Asia Series. ISBN: 978-1933947495 Required
Ideals of the East by Okakura Kakuzo Dover Publications. ISBN: 978-0486440248 Required
Outline of a Theory of Civilization by Fukuzawa Yukichi columbia University Press. ISBN: 978-0231150736 Required
Japan's Total Empire by Louise Young University of California Press. ISBN: 978-0520219342 Required
Orphan of Asia by Zhuoliu Wu Columbia University Press. ISBN: 978-0231137263 Required
Japanese Imperialism by Beasley, WG Oxford University Press. ISBN: 978-0198221685 Required