The Middle East From the 18th Century to the Present

History 109C

Fall 2013
Day & Time: 
MW 4-530P

This course surveys the key processes, events and personalities that have shaped the societies, states and economies of the Middle East since the 18th century. It is designed to help contextualize current developments, to identify various interpretative frameworks for approaching history in general and for understanding the Middle East in particular, and to acquaint students with a variety of useful sources ranging from film to specialized academic articles. Students are expected to attend every class to hear the lecture, ask questions and participate in discussion. An in-class quiz counts for 20% of the grade. In addition, there will be a take-home mid-term essay (30%) and a final exam (50%).


The syllabus is attached below.

Course Books

A History of Iraq (3rd edition) by Tripp, Charles Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 978-0521702478 Required
Modern Iran Since 1921: The Pahlavis and After by Ansari, Ali Longman. ISBN: 978-0582356856 Required
The Ottoman Empire, 1700-1922 by Quataert, Donald Bedford/St. Martin's. ISBN: 978-0521547826 Required
Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A History with Documents by Smith, Charles D. Bedford/St. Martin's. ISBN: 978-0312535018 Required
The Modern Middle East: A History (4th edition) by Gelvin, James Oxford University Press, USA. ISBN: 978-0199766055 Required