Topics in Late Modern European History

History 101.003

Fall 2013
Instructor (text): 
Brandon Schechter
Day & Time: 
TuTh 2-330P
This 101 has no specific theme and is designed to accommodate a wide variety of interests. The goal of the course is to write a 30-50 page thesis , using primary sources to pose and answer a compelling historical question. Students will begin the course by analyzing exemplary texts and then move on to present sources they have uncovered and how they plan to use them. After this they will proceed to plot, write and workshop their texts. You are encouraged to contact the instructor (bmschechter [at] as soon as possible, in order to begin discussing potential topics and sources.  The instructor encourages students to think creatively about sources and welcomes comparative projects.
Brandon Schechter is a doctoral candidate in the Department of History.  His research focuses on the Soviet Union in the Second World War and deals with such themes as material culture, violence, empire and gender, but students with an interest outside of these fields and potentially outside of Late Modern Europe are also welcomed.