South Asia and the British Empire

History 101.004

Spring 2013
2231 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
WF 12-2
Gita V. Pai is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. Her general field of research and teaching interests concern the political, social, and cultural history of seventeenth to twenty-first century South Asia, particularly India. She received her MA and PhD in South Asian Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.


This seminar focuses on researching and writing a senior thesis paper on an important question in the history of South Asia (from the ancient period through the 21st century) or the British empire.  The course is open in terms of topic and time period; however, students are strongly encouraged to contact the instructor during the current fall semester to discuss their ideas.  We will begin the seminar with assigned readings on the methodology of historical research and writing. In subsequent weeks, students will read secondary literature to help them transform their broad interest into specific research questions. Next, they will search for and analyze primary sources.  The final step is writing a 30-50 page original research paper.  Students will meet collectively in seminar writing workshops and in small working-groups as well as individually in consultations with the instructor.

Course Books

Somanatha: The Many Voices of a History by Romila Thapar Verso. ISBN: 1844670201 Required