Latin American and Inter-American history

History 101.011

Spring 2013
204 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
TuTh 2-330
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  • Louis Segal was born and raised in Berkeley. He has a MA and PhD in Latin American history from UC Davis. His area of specialization at Davis was early settlement patterns in the Viceroyalties of New Spain and Peru and his teaching field was 19th century US history. His dissertation was on ÒImages of Conquest in Imaginative Nineteenth-Century North American Literature: Mexico and Peru. He received his PhD degree in 1997 and has taught at UCSC, UCD, UCB, Stanford, San Jose State, California State University East Bay, USF, and the Naval Postgraduate School. He has long-term interests in inter-American relations, social history and revolution, intellectual histories of the Americas, and historiography.


    This 101 is for history seniors who are specializing in Latin American and Inter-American history. The emphasis of this 101 will be on methods, research strategies, honing thesis questions, outlining, drafting and writing the senior thesis on a subject that treats Latin American and Inter-American themes.   Initially, we will read exemplary portions of some of the classic histories of Latin America with an eye towards both methodological and historiographical questions.  The first three or fours weeks of the course will be devoted to these joint readings and guided group discussions. As we examine these "big" questions, the 101 students will also hone their own research project and devise strategies to complete their research paper in a timely fashion.  As we move into the middle weeks of the semester, the weekly seminar meeting will become secondary to individual research and regular, individual consultations with the instructor.   At the end of the semester the student will submit a journal-size research paper.   Towards the end of the course, we’ll reconvene our class meetings for progress reports and findings.  Get in touch with me if you’re interested in this 101 at