History of Medicine and Science around the World

History 101.014

Spring 2013
202 Wheeler
Day & Time: 
MW 10-12


In this course, participants will write a research paper on a topic related to the history of medicine  and science. The course is open to students working on topics in any part of the world. During the first three weeks of the course, we will read a selection of readings which address themes in the history of medicine and science. These will include epidemic disease in India, physics in South Africa, eugenics in Brazil and microwaves in the United States. Students will then focus on their own topics and provide weekly updates on their research and writing progress. Interested participants may contact the instructor at osseo@berkeley.edu by December 7, 2012 to discuss possible thesis topics. Students are expected to do original research with primary sources (letters, photographs, newspaper articles, novels, laboratory reports, and/or oral history interviews). They may travel to archives to secure these materials, locate resources in the Bay area, or find digitized records online.