Imperial Russia: From Peter the Great to the Russian Revolution

History 171B

Spring 2014
Day & Time: 
TuTh 11-1230P

In 1721, Peter the Great chose the title of Emperor for himself and declared that Russia would be an Empire. The empire lasted until the revolutions of 1917, but was never entirely stable. The Romanovs believed that autocracy was the key to good governance. Yet, the reigns of almost all the Romanov Emperors were marked by coups detat, peasant rebellions, and, later, assassination attempts. Russia's expanding boundaries and growing population made it even more difficult to rule. This course will focus heavily on political history and political thought. Given the many factors that were tearing the Empire apart, it will ask, what held it together for so many years? Students will submit two papers. Students will also take a map quiz, midterm, and a final. Participation in class is encouraged and will figure into the grade.