Topics in Late Modern European History, 1789-1991

History 101

Fall 2014
Instructor (text): 
Katherine Zubovich
Day & Time: 
TuTh 330-5P
  • Note new room.
  • This 101 seminar is open to those who wish to write about any aspect of late modern European history (1789 to 1991). The instructor encourages a variety of topics; those focusing on political, cultural, scientific, religious, and social aspects of modern European history, among others, are all welcome. In this course, students will identify a topic, locate source bases, and gain experience working with primary and secondary sources and crafting historical narratives. Reading knowledge of one (or more!) European language is highly desirable, but not required. You should come prepared in August to discuss some topic ideas so that you can hit the ground running. Feel free to contact me this summer if you would like to get an early start on defining a topic or set of sources.

    Katherine Zubovich is a PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley. She specializes in Russian and Soviet history. Her research interests include architectural history, urban planning, international networks of expertise, modern bureaucracies, and the aesthetic aspects of politics in the twentieth century.