Social History of the United States: 1914-Present - Session A

History N131B

Summer 2014
First 6 Week Session
109 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
MTuWTh 2-4P

This course covers the social history of the United States from the close of the Progressive Era to the present day. We will explore how technological, economic, diplomatic, and political developments shaped the experience of Americans who lived through these tumultuous times.  The broader themes we will address include the creation of a mass middle class and the growth of consumer culture, the reconstitution of gender norms and race relations, the establishment of the New Deal welfare state and the subsequent backlash that it provoked, and the rise of suburbia and the Sunbelt. Lectures, readings, films, and course assignments will stress various aspects of how the lives of Americans changed over the course of the twentieth century.

Course Books

End of the Line: Autoworkers and the American Dream by Feldman, Richard and Michael Betzold University of Illinois Press. ISBN: 978-0252061486 Required
The Feminine Mystique by Freidan, Betty W. W. Norton & Company. ISBN: 978-0393322576 Required
The Good War: An Oral History of World War II by Terkel, Studs New Press. ISBN: 978-1565843431 Required
Down and Out in the Great Depression: Letters from the Forgotten Man by McElvaine, Robert University of North Carolina Press. ISBN: 978-0807858912 Required