Senior Thesis Writing Seminar – East Asia

History 101.004

Spring 2014
Day & Time: 
MW 12-2

This course is a research and writing seminar for students doing a 101 thesis on any aspect of East Asian history. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the instructor as early as possible in the Fall 2013 semester to identify areas of interest and begin as much of the groundwork as possible: surveying the relevant scholarship, formulating a key question, and locating suitable primary sources to answer the question. Class meetings will focus more on research and writing methods than on substantive content.

Reading ability in the research area’s language is not a prerequisite. Students may write a paper based entirely on translated materials, although they may be limited in terms of the types of research the available translated materials can support. Alternatively, students may focus on an aspect of East Asian encounters with other world areas to expand their resource base. Students with appropriate reading ability will have the advantage of using the wealth of materials at Berkeley’s C.V. Starr East Asian Library.