Artists, Intellectuals, and Social Change in Latin America

History 103E.002

Spring 2014
Day & Time: 
F 2-4P

Latin American history has featured horrific dictatorships and turbulent revolutions.  In spite of this instability, or perhaps because of it, the region has also consistently produced one first-class export: the work of its artists, writers, and intellectuals.  This course looks at the myth and reality of Latin American intellectuals—often said to be more influential politically than in any other region of the world—over the course of the region’s history.  How have Latin American artists and writers used their cultural production to expose injustice?  When have those attempts made things better, and when worse?  By looking at the historical literature—supplemented with poetry, prose, painting, and film—this course will examine the important role of Latin American intellectuals in creating social change in the region.

Course Books

The Accidental President of Brazil by Cardoso, Fernando Henrique PublicAffairs. ISBN: 978-1586484293 Required
The Jaguar Smile: A Nicaraguan Journey by Rushdie, Salman Random House. ISBN: 978-0812976724 Required
Art and Revolution in Latin America by Craven, David Yale. ISBN: 978-0300120462 Required
Compañero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara by Castañeda, Jorge Vintage. ISBN: 978-0679759409 Required
The Andes Imagined: Indigenismo, Society, and Modernity by Coronado, Jorge University of Pittsburgh Press. ISBN: 978-0822960249 Required
The Lettered City by Rama, Angel Duke University Press. ISBN: 978-0822317661 Required