Science and Society

History 30

Fall 2015
180 TAN
Day & Time: 
MWF 11-12P

Modern scientific thought arose from the chaotic encounters between European and non-European cultures during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. As a result, scientific knowledge has been a constant companion to each major event in modern world history. This course provides a survey of the history of science from the Late Middle Ages to present. Students of the humanities will gain a richer understanding of science's influence on modern human thought. Students of science will learn techniques for historical analysis and gain a deeper appreciation for the production of scientific knowledge. This course will also prepare students for advanced coursework in the history of science.

Course Books

A History of Science and Society: From Philosophy to Utility by Ede, Andrew and Lesley B. Cormack University of Toronto Press. ISBN: 978-1-4426-0446-9 Required
Science: A History by John Gribbin Penguin. ISBN: 9780140297416 Optional