US to the Civil War

History 7A

Fall 2015
Day & Time: 
MW 4-5:30

This course surveys American history from its first peopling through the Civil War. It approaches this history in part from a continental perspective, mindful of those regions of colonial and early national North America not dominated by English-Speakers. Major themes include the experiences and historic significance of the continent's native peoples; the centrality of African slavery to early American history, and the demographic, economic, and political transformations of the late 18th and early 19th centuries that would have such profound consequences for all the continent's peoples. Aside from the main task of understanding the key events and processes that shaped early American history, students will explore the craft of history, through focused discussion of primary sources and through short research papers based on those sources.

Course Books

The Great Awakening: A Brief History with Documents by Kidd, Thomas Bedford/St. Martins. ISBN: 978-0312452254 Required
Selections from the Cotton Kingdom by Olmsted, Frederick Law Bedford/St. Martins. ISBN: 978-1457607134 Required
Manifest Destiny and American Territorial Expansion: A Brief History with Documents by Greenberg, Amy Bedford/St. Martins. ISBN: 978-0312600488 Required
Attitudes Toward Sex in Antebellum America: A Brief History with Documents by Lefkowitz Horowitz, Helen Bedford/St. Martins. ISBN: 9780312412265 Required
Democracy in America: Abridged with an Introduction by de Tocqueville, Alexis Bedford/St. Martins. ISBN: 978-0312463304 Required
Black Americans in the Revolutionary Era: A Brief History with Documents by Holton, Woody Bedford/St. Martins. ISBN: 9780312413590 Required
The Narrative of Cabeza de Vaca by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca University of Nebraska Press. ISBN: 978-0803264168 Required
US/A Narrative History, 7th ed., volume I by Davidson, James West et al. McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 978-0073513300 Required