America in the 20th Century

HISTORY 101.003

Fall 2015
Instructor (text): 
Daniel Kelly
Day & Time: 
MW 10-12
  • Note new room.
  • This seminar is a thesis-writing workshop, designed for students working on senior projects related to the history of the United States in the 20th century. As the broad title suggests, it will welcome a wide variety of topics and methods, and should be a good home to students of diverse interests. The goal of this course will be the completion of one 30-50 page, high-quality paper. Unfortunately, a paper of this length and depth can hardly be written in a single semester—we will be behind from the very first class. Thus it is expected that, prior to the beginning of the semester, students will have already seriously considered their potential topic, investigated probable primary sources, and contacted the instructor. Once the semester begins, each class meeting will be directed towards meeting internal deadlines for outlines and drafts. The required coursework will include selected readings of model scholarship, field trips to the library, group work, peer review of outlines and rough drafts, and individual meetings with the instructor. With some perseverance and some hustle, each student will produce work to be proud of.

    Please contact the instructor - and this is encouraged - to discuss potential topics: dhkelly at berkeley dot edu. 

    Daniel is a PhD candidate studying the history of American technology and philosophy. He once wrote a senior thesis at Cal, and empathizes with those who would now seek to write their own.