Early Modern and Modern Europe

HISTORY 101.004

Fall 2015
3104 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
TuTh 10-12
Tyler Lange is a historian of late medieval and early modern France. His most recent book focuses on the role of church courts in late medieval credit networks.

This seminar is open to thesis-writers focusing on any topic in early modern and modern Europe, ca. 1400-today. As our goal is to identify and to inform ourselves about feasible research topics, good theses will be based on themes already developed over previous semesters or in a previous 103. If you are well acquainted with your chosen field, this discussion will prepare you to begin research in primary sources. If you are not, it should encourage you to begin a directed reading in the historiography of your chosen field. The very best theses will require knowledge of the language or languages relevant to your chosen region or time period. Once the semester begins, we will move quickly into the research and drafting of your thesis, a thirty- to fifty-page work of original research based on primary sources. Attendance at scheduled meetings and discussions is mandatory. Timely and diligent completion of preparatory assignments will be figured into your final course grade. Be prepared to share and discuss your work with your classmates.

Please contact the instructor - and this is encouraged - to discuss potential topics: tlange at berkeley dot edu.