Gender and Sex in Britain, 1640-Present

HISTORY 103C.002

Fall 2015
175 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
Th 4-6
In this course we will consider gender and sex in Britain from the 1640’s to the late twentieth century, with particular attention to the ways in which normative gender roles and sexual behaviors both reinforced and problematized each other at particular moments in British history. Constructing a history of gender will require that we explore the ways in which masculinity and femininity mutually constituted each other; however, we will give particular attention to recovering women’s experiences, given their marginalized position in the historical record until recently. While the history of the family also intersects in significant ways with the history of gender, and remains an important subject in its own right, in this course we will consider the family primarily “from the outside”—that is, by reconstructing behaviors and identities which were excluded from the patriarchal family but which, because of their very exclusion, also helped to constitute it even as they were constituted by it.
Gillian Chisom’s research interests include religion, the history of the body, and gender and women’s history. Her dissertation is tentatively titled Bodies in Worship: Inward and Outward Religion in England, 1558-1700. She received her B.A. from Knox College, her Master of Theological Studies from Southern Methodist University, and her M.A. in History from the University of Chicago.