Love, Sex and Marriage in U.S. History

HISTORY 103D.003

Fall 2015
107 Mulford
Day & Time: 
W 4-6P

Though shaped by human biology and evolutionary impulses, human sexual and romantic relations have varied widely and changed dramatically.  This course explores aspects of that diversity and change in the social, cultural, and legal history of the United States between the American Revolution and the Second World War.  Most of our work will consist of intensive seminar discussion of recent scholarly work in the history of marriage and sexuality. We will also have the opportunity to do some analytical and interpretive writing on the subject.  Requirements include timely completion of weekly reading assignments, active and thoughtful participation in seminar discussion, several short essays, and one mini-prospectus.

Course Books

The Flash Press by Patricia Cline Cohen et al. Chicago. ISBN: 978-0226112343 Required
The Trouble With Normal by Michael Warner Harvard. ISBN: 978-0674004412 Required
White Women, Black Men by Martha Hodes Yale. ISBN: 978-0300077506 Required
A Foreign Kingdom by Christine Talbot Illinois. ISBN: 978-0252079573 Required
Great Expectations by Elaine Tyler May Chicago. ISBN: 978-0226511702 Required
Marriage, a History by Stephanie Coontz Penguin. ISBN: 978-0143036678 Required
From Front Porch to Back Seat by Beth Bailey Johns Hopkins. ISBN: 978-0801839351 Required
Sex Among the Rabble by Clare Lyons UNC. ISBN: 978-0807856758 Required
Gay New York by George Chauncey Basic. ISBN: 978-0465026210 Required
Public Vows by Nancy Cott Harvard. ISBN: 978-0674008755 Required
Sex Seen by Sharon Ullman California. ISBN: 9780520209558 Required
Charity and Sylvia by Rachel Hope Cleves Oxford. ISBN: 9780199335428 Required
Man and Wife in America by Hendrik Hartog Harvard. ISBN: 9780674008111 Required
Brides, Inc. by Vicki Howard Pennsylvania. ISBN: 978-0812220452 Required