Early America

HISTORY 101.012

Spring 2015
Instructor (text): 
Robert Lee
Day & Time: 
MW 2-4P

This seminar is open to senior thesis writers working on Early America from North American colonization to the US Civil War. Our early meetings will focus on the mechanics of project design—identifying a topic, framing a question, and locating sources—and include reading a few exemplary articles and brief reflections on the art and craft of historical research. We will discuss some of the approaches historians have developed to define and investigate this period, from the large-scale framework of the Atlantic World to the micro-historical reconstruction of family life, but because a wide variety of topics are encouraged more focused methodological and historiographical discussions will happen through regular one-on-one meetings with the instructor. The seminar itself will operate as a workshop. As the semester moves forward our meetings will focus on discussions of progress, challenges, and emerging drafts of the 30-50 page research paper each student will produce. Students are strongly encouraged to contact the instructor, Robert Lee (robertlee27@berkeley.edu), prior to start of the semester with research ideas or questions, and to arrive on the first day with a prospective topic in mind.