The Renaissance, 1370-1700 (Proseminar in European History)

History 103B.003

Fall 2016
3104 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
M 4-6P

This seminar will focus on the long Renaissance in Europe with particular attention to historical literature that has been written in the past 25 years. We will be reading a wide selection of both articles and books that are representative of the different tasks and themes of Renaissance historians. This will allow us to map the shifting contours of the field as it has evolved over the past few decades with the goal of understanding the potential future of the Renaissance in the 21st century.

Requirements include regular participation in weekly meetings, a few brief presentations in class, and a final paper.

Course Books

The Renaissance in Rome by stinger, charles University of Indiana Press. ISBN: 13-978-0253212085 Required
The Renaissance in Florence by Brucker, Gene University of California Press. ISBN: 13-978-0520046955 Required
The Renaissance of Empire in Early Modern Europe by Dandelet, thomas cambridge. ISBN: 13-978-0521747325 Required
The Crisis of the Early Italian Renaissance by baron, hans Princeton University Press. ISBN: 13-978-0691007526 Required
The Renaissance in Italy by ruggiero, guido Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 13-978-0521719384 Required
The Birth of Feminism: Woman as Intellect in Renaissance Italy and England by ross, sarah gwyneth Harvard University Press. ISBN: 13-978-0674034549 Required
The Renaissance World by martin, john jeffries Routledge. ISBN: 13: 978-0415455114 Required