Early Modern Europe

History 101.006

Spring 2016
2231 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
MW 400-600
  • Note new room.
  • This research seminar will guide students through the process of writing a senior thesis in early modern (ca. 1400-1800) European history. Our goal will be to conceive of a compelling historical question, to find an answer to that question using primary source research, and ultimately to present your findings in an engaging, effective fashion. The final product will be a 30-50 page thesis. Given the breadth of early modern European history, our course will not have a specific focus. In the first period of the semester, we will meet to discuss exemplary texts in the field which cover central themes and problems for research. Later, as you begin to execute your research project, the course will consist of individual meetings with the instructor. Finally, we will reconvene as a group later in the semester, where you will discuss your work with one another and offer feedback. Please feel free to contact the instructor at maxstaley@berkeley.edu before the semester begins if you wish to discuss your topic.