US Cities

History 103D.002

Fall 2017
3104 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
W 12-2
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This course will focus on the history of American cities and metropolitan areas. Major topics include race and ethnicity, immigration, housing, politics, culture and economic change, from the late-19th to the late-20th century. Urban history is not only fascinating in itself, but has traditionally been a useful lens to focus in on other themes of interest — because the “case study” method of organizing historical research can help to promote depth, specificity, and new insights.

This seminar is also designed to prepare students to write a 101 in the spring. The major writing assignment will be a proposal for a 101 thesis: framing a topic, locating a primary source base, and thinking about how to locate your topic in the context of key secondary literature. I will be teaching a 101 on the same subject in the spring, and students are strongly encouraged to consider this 103 and that 101 as a sequence.