20th Century Latina/o Immigrant Experiences in the United States

History 103D.005

Fall 2017
3205 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
M 12-2
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This course introduces students to the immigration experiences of major Latina/o populations in the 20th century United States. Although the term Latina/o encompasses a wide variety of peoples in the Western Hemisphere, we will focus specifically on people descending/originating from Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. For many of these groups, migration has played a key role their experiences. Central themes include migration, gender, pan ethnicity, and political mobilization. Along the way, we will consider questions such as: How has the crossing of different borders changed over time? What is the difference between immigration and transnational migration? What similarities have US Latinas/os shared? What issues have divided them? How have certain inequalities (e.g. economic, immigration status, etc.) compounded others (race, gender, etc.)? How has US immigration law been used as a tool for both exclusion and inclusion? Students will learn how to write a prospectus for an original research project, such as the History 101 senior thesis. Throughout the semester, we will tackle practical issues such as how to ask critical questions, identify historiographical problems, develop (and redevelop) research questions, and locate and access primary sources.

All are welcome. Requirements include active participation, short weekly assignments, and preparatory assignments for the prospectus. Final project will be a prospectus that can be used in preparation for the History 101.